About Us

About Us

Midwest Auto Salon: The Premier Car Care Specialist in Peoria, IL

At Midwest Auto Salon, we have over 20 years of experience in auto body care. As much as we wish they didn’t, accidents do happen. But with the proper care and the precision work that you will receive at Midwest Auto Salon, you can have a car that looks better than when it was new. And once you have that factory shine back, it’s important to keep the paint in the best possible condition. Just like an engine, the body of the car requires regular maintenance as well to keep it in the best possible shape.

Over the past two decades, we have amassed hundreds of satisfied customers, a reputation for quality work, and a team of fully trained and certified technicians. Midwest Auto Salon has continued to build on those standards. Give us a try and you will see why.

Our Services

Since 1986, Midwest Auto Salon has served drivers and car lovers across Central Illinois by providing excellent automobile repair, renovation and detailing services to our customers. Our auto shop has refined the arts, skills and services necessary to be listed among the finest in automobile restoration and repair in our region. If you are searching for a reliable, experienced auto shop that can care for your car in the Peoria, IL area, Midwest Auto Salon has a great team of top-of-the-line, knowledgeable automobile technicians ready to take your call. See what we can do for you below:

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  • Custom Paint
  • Auto Paint
  • Airbrush
  • Window Repair
  • Dent Removal
  • Leather and Vinyl Repair

Seeing is Believing

Many of our customers can’t believe the results our services provide until they see it with their own eyes. But whether it’s restoring a classic car from the ‘60s or fixing a dented car door, Midwest Auto Salon can make your automobile look as fresh and as fit as the day it rolled off the lot.

Because we take pride in our work at Midwest Auto Salon, all of our auto shop technicians invite you to look through our Gallery page. These examples of our handiwork represent hours of labor, dedication and passion. Our hope is that these photos would help you feel confident in our ability to care for your car.

Commitment to Great Customer Service

As a BBB Accredited Company since 2008, Midwest Auto Salon holds our customer service to a high standard. That means you can rely on our auto technicians to give you the attention and care you deserve.

Contact Midwest Auto Salon Today!

If you are in the Peoria, IL area and you are searching for an auto shop, choose Midwest Auto Salon today! For questions or quotes, Contact Us online or call our auto shop at 309-689-6274.


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    I can’t express enough what your kindness means. I appreciate more than words your generosity you made an unpleasant surprise bearable. your kind hearts and giving nature are truly admirable. I hope you accept this gift as thanks and may you know that your kind gesture will not be forgotten.

    Williom Arthur Ward
  • I mistakeously showed up for my wednesday march 18th appointment on monday, march 16th needless to say, I did not look at my calendar until wednesday when I realized this. you were gratious and professional and did the work on monday, you’re the best. thank for your patience.

    Beth Arnold
  • I just wanted to express my thanks to both of you,and your crew, for the outstanding care you have given my family when repairing damaged vehicles. you definitely helped alleviate some of the trauma suffered by my daughter-in-law when she wrecked her new Chrysler van.

    Brace Alkine